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IndieCade: Try Out Fresh Video Games

Hobnob with the creative minds working on tomorrow's hot properties.



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    Hobnob with the creative minds working on tomorrow's hot properties from Friday, Oct. 23 through Sunday, Oct. 25 in Culver City.

    The tried-and-true comeback "nuh-uh" is frequently employed between friends, especially when one friend has done something especially nifty and is telling the friend who didn't do the nifty thing all about it.

    And few things can promote "nuh-uh"-ism between pals like a cool, try-it-out gaming festival, one that promotes caboodles of innovations and the innovating innovators who innovate. Indiecade is one such gathering, an autumn bundle of independent game-makery and the gamers who want to try out all of that new, wowza gamework, the better to induce "nuh-uhs" among their friends who didn't attend.

    The best bet is for everyone in your circle to circle Culver City on the map and Friday, Oct. 23 through Sunday, Oct. 25 on the calendar. That's when IndieCade, which is billed as "the world's greatest independent gaming festival," takes over the hearts, minds, and joystick-controlling fingers of fans aplenty.

    The public is welcome to come and play at this fest, which is pretty cool, especially since it boasts more of a behind-the-scenes-y vibe, as compared to other conventions. Though the schedule is crammed with discussions and mixers and exhibits and such, you'll want to be around for Playtest Sunday, "a free-form playtesting event," where the work-in-progress games get road-tested by attendees.

    Up-and-coming gamers — that might be you — are also invited to show with their games at what's nicknamed "The Sundance" of the video gaming industry.

    Other toggle-heavy to-dos, some geared toward younger players, some adults (there's an on-site beer garden), fill out the bustling weekend, a weekend that will include a deep look into over 100 games or so. That's how many are set to show at the fest, though the indie spirit of the happening may mean you'll see more.

    And you'll see plenty on Saturday evening should you show for Night Games, a by-dark "ultimate live playground" where "people play specially curated games."

    If you were to tell your friend all of this next week, you'd definitely feel the heat of the "nuh-uh." They wouldn't believe it, or they wouldn't want to, knowing they'd missed out.

    So don't, dear gamers. See tomorrow's games — or next year's or next decade's — now, in Culver City. Best brush up on your controller skillz and limber up those fingers as you venture into mostly untried universes.

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