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It's, Like, Lebowski Fest, Man

Don your stretched-out sweaters and old robes, movie fans



    It's, Like, Lebowski Fest, Man
    Lebowski Fest
    It's spring in LA but it's sweater weather, too: Lebowski Fest rolls at the Saban Theatre and Fountain Bowl on Friday, March 22 and Saturday, March 23.

    When an annual festival built around a book or a movie keeps on chuggin' -- and by chuggin' we mean lasts more than a decade after the release of the book or movie -- it is worth noting. A property grows legs when it transcends what we see on the page or the screen.

    Take "The Big Lebowski," for instance, which turns 15 (!) this year.

    The Coen Brothers' homage to cheerful, like, beach noir is full of visual touchstones such as saggy sweaters and opera-style helmets. But the movie is much more than its clever flourishes. "Lebowski" represents a lot of things to many people, including an easy-breezy, mellow-tastic way of rolling with life's good stuff and life's bad stuff (symbolized best in the film by a rug that's been defiled).

    The film's legion of fanatics will once again gather to raise a White Russian to the Lebowskian Life Approach on Friday, March 22 and Saturday, March 23. Spots for this year's Lebowski Fest? The Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills, where the flick will roll, and Fountain Bowl in Fountain Valley, where bowling balls will roll.

    Costumes will be out in full force, it should be said. Who is going as Donny Kerabatsos?

    Let's also add that while fans sit in the Saban Theatre, watching a film that is a truly twisted LA love letter -- as if there is any other kind -- they'll be only a few blocks southwest of the intersection of Third & Edinburgh, which appears in one of the opening shots.

    Lebowski Fests now run the world over, but the LA Lebowski Fest is the only party in the city that was home to a certain shaggy shorts-wearer.

    Not that Angelenos who love the film should brag about that or anything, 'cause, like, that wouldn't be cool.

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