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It's Not Christmas Yet: Old Pas Fall Party

Want autumn to last a little longer? There are pies to be enjoyed.



    It's Not Christmas Yet: Old Pas Fall Party
    Kristina, LACE Photography
    SAWTOOTH Bluegrass Band rocks the oh-so-autumnal Old Pasadena Farmers Market Fall Harvest Festival on Sunday, Nov. 9.

    It's practically some kind of honorary holiday unto itself: The Bemoan the Fact That the Holiday Stuff Has Started Up So Early Week.

    Which happens to land on the calendar immediately after Halloween, the very week revelers aren't quite ready to unhand those plastic candy-packed buckets in favor of strings of lights and turkey basters.

    True fact: Carols on the radio and ornaments on store shelves have been known to induce sighs.

    But sigh not, autumn lovers: Your season hasn't yet wrapped in favor of an early yuletide. Old Pasadena intends to keep the November in November with four hours of corn shucking, pie eating, and bluegrassy tune-twangy enjoyment at the Fall Harvest Festival at the Old Pas Farmers Market.

    It's almost like it is still fall or something.

    Oh, lo and behold, it is: Sunday, Nov. 9 falls squarely in the autumntime, so you've got the go-ahead to wear overalls and plaid and straw hats and talk about scarecrows and pumpkins at the four-hour, free-to-join fest. An apple-bobbing contest is on the schedule, as is egg tossing and square dancing.

    And shall there be butter churning? It's almost illegal to throw a fall festival without it. (Or, at the very least, you look down your nose at butter-churnless fests, right? Don't fib, you do.)

    SAWTOOTH Bluegrass Band provides the non-carol-y tuneage.

    No disrespect to carols and the classic hallmarks of Christmas, of course. But taking the fall out of early November feels a mite too soon to a lot of autumn aficionados, and given that autumn weather arrives a little late around Southern California, we can give the fall fans some extra time to savor the crispest season, sans singing snowmen and the smell of gingerbread.

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