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June Only: Daily Penguin Walk

The Aquarium of the Pacific's beloved waddlers are strollin' and rollin'.



    June Only: Daily Penguin Walk
    Aquarium of the Pacific
    The penguins of the Aquarium of the Pacific will walk through the Northern Pacific gallery every day in June promptly at 10 a.m.

    What everyday action does an animal have to undertake to elicit a few human "oohs" and "awws"?

    A lion's mighty roar qualifies. An elephant filling his trunk with water and then showering himself will wow us. And the rare whale breach can send a boatload of tourists over the proverbial edge.

    But all a penguin needs to do to merit our wonder, though, is simply walk. Penguins and their walking style -- or waddling style, is perhaps more accurate -- is something that flightless bird fans often cite as being a major part of their many charms.

    Waddle waddle waddle.

    But catching a penguin taking a few steps is another matter. Unless you're at the Aquarium of the Pacific, in the Northern Pacific gallery, at 10 a.m., on any day during June 2014.

    Why? The aquarium's penguin clutch will take a daily stroll through the gallery. The coo-worthy saunter starts at the sea otter exhibit and rounds up by the Pacific octopus.

    Yep, that means the penguins shall strut before several other aquarium denizens along their short journey. Will the Southern California steelhead or Guam Kingfisher look out upon the penguin-thick scene and think "uh, what the heck?"

    It's not a typical sight.

    The walk doesn't last long, but it does have its surprise moments, with penguins sometimes straying to draw nearer to onlookers. Yep, we can almost hear the awws and oohs from here, when that cuteness goes down.

    The every-day-in-June Penguin Walk is part of the aquarium's bigger Summer of Wonder. Want to know the other fishy haps? Don your flippers and kick this way.

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