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Keep an Eye Out, LA: #CupidLyft Is on the Streets

A Lyft rideshare car is way decked out for Valentine's Day. Way, way, way.



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    Gilbert Aquino
    Gilbert Aquino poses with Lyft's John Zimmer in front of Mr. Aquino's car, a car he decks out, according to holiday, for his rideshare clients.

    Southern California is no stranger to the souped-up, sort of strange, delightfully outrageous ride.

    We won't even go into our movie cars, which show up on our city streets with charming regularity. Does any local bat an eye at the Batmobile when it pops up somewhere? Nah. Colorful tour buses, local vroom-vroom icons like Dennis Woodruff, and Angelyne's pink Corvette are other fender-laden favorites.

    Gilbert Aquino may be next in the pedal-to-the-metal pantheon of interesting autos 'round town, and his twist? His car is never the same, from month-to-month. Mr. Aquino likes to gussy up his car for his Lyft rideshare clients, and he's gone all out on his Valentine's look.

    Hearts, an arrow, and kissy lips dominate the front of his 2013 Honda Fit.

    So will you get a chance to roll in Mr. Aquino's va-va-voom vehicle come Feb. 14? If you call for a Lyft in Silver Lake, Hollywood, or West Hollywood, he just might show.

    But even if you don't catch a ride in the #CupidLyft, you just might see it zooming through social media. It's gotten a Twitter shout-out, and we can only imagine there'll be more to come as Valentine's Day draws near.

    By the by, if you recognize Mr. Aquino's name, he's one of the local organizers for Thrill the World Day, where people zombie-up and dance to "Thriller." Clearly he is a gentleman who likes to live on the bold side of things, and bravo that.

    And if the hearts holiday should pass you by with no cupid car sightings, be not sad, outlandish auto lovers of SoCal: Mr. Aquino changes out his car's appearance for every major seasonal event. Can the sight of shamrocks whizzing by on Santa Monica Boulevard be far off?

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