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Keeping Bees in LA

Beekeeper Max Wong gives a talk on the all things buzzy.



    Keeping Bees in LA
    Obscura Society LA
    Beekeeper Max Wong visits Velaslavasay Panorama on Sunday, April 28 to talk about bees in LA and other buzzy topics.

    Mysterious, industrious, beautiful, sometimes feared, sting-bedecked, and very important: Bees wear a number of different coats in myth and our minds, and hardly any of them are yellow-and-black striped.

    But their profile continues to evolve in all the positive ways, and urban beekeeping is in large part to thank for that.

    It's a thriving pursuit here in Southern California, beekeeping, and we don't mean just in the rural pockets. As city gardens have grown, so has an interest in the longtime art of tending to hives and raising fuzzy little honey-helping insects.

    Max Wong is one such local beekeeper, and she'll discuss how she does it and how you might do it, too, on Sunday, April 28 at the Velaslavasay Panorama. Topics will include the legalization of bees here in our fair metropolis, the essential part bees play in the larger natural chain of things, and some basics of beekeeping.

    A hive demo is part of the seminar, too.

    Obscura Society LA is a host of the day; tickets are fifteen dollars. If you haven't been to the panorama, or seen its glorious and fecund -- yep, that's the word -- garden, consider this the day to do so.

    For more on urban beekeeping in Southern California, Backwards Beekeepers is a fine place to start.

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