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Keeping Cool at the LA County Fair

A video popping by the chillier parts of the Pomona party is now live.



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    LA County Fair
    One way to address the heat at the LA County Fair? Ice cream, in all of its ice-cream-y forms. The Pomona spectacular is on through Sept. 29.

    "Don't forget to bring a jacket!," complete with friendly exclamation point, is so commonly found on event fliers and announcements that one practically doesn't even see it. It's that ubiquitous and that understood.

    But the LA County Fair? Yeah, that isn't on the homepage this early September. The high is set to hit 100 degrees in Pomona on Friday, Sept. 6, which means that only the most-prone-to-getting-chilly types should pack an extra layer. And for everyone else? Hoooo boy: Think air flow.

    That's life in Southern California in early September, though, right? No falling leaves or crimson cups of hot cider for us as we pull into fall. September has a knack for delivering some of our most extreme temperatures and record-breaking highs, all while we're watching ads of kids returning to school in cardigans and knee socks.

    Skip the cardigan and hit the fair anyway. The fair people even created a lickety-split video showing off some of the extravaganza's cooler spots (hello, beer tasting room and flume ride). The nice thing about the yearly mega attraction is the not-oft considered fact that its indoor spaces are plentiful. In fact, are they more plentiful than the outdoor areas? We'll land on 50/50, or thereabouts.

    Other local destinations are in on the "come here and stay cool" scene. Like? The LA Zoo for one, which is launching "It's Cool at the Zoo!" to greet our region's hot September ways head on. Shall there be ice sculptures and such? Yep, indeedy. As for cool lessons, we just look to the koalas which stay in the eucalyptus tree's shade for the better part of the day.

    How wise they are, those koalas. How very, very wise. 

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