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Knitting on Wheels: The Yarnover Truck

SoCal's newest knitorium has a unique feature: It's driveable.



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    Yarnover Truck
    The Yarnover Truck debuts on Saturday, March 23. The power behind it? Knitting buffs and good pals Maridee and Barbra.

    Street art trends have a way of cycling through phases but one offbeat showing has remained, at least in small part: knitted items wrapped around poles and streetlamps and fences.

    Yarnstorming, yarn bombing and guerrilla knitting are three of the names for the whimsical act, an act that fancifully foreshadowed the next knit trend to hit the streets: Yarnover Truck.

    What's the Yarnover Truck? It's a yarn store on wheels, essentially.

    Friends Maridee and Barbra met at a Tuesday night knitting group and talked on and off about opening a store. Soon the store evolved to a mobile store -- aka a truck -- and Yarnover Truck was born.

    It's official launch is set to roll on Saturday, March 23.

    So what's inside this see-it-around-town shop? Yarns from Blue Sky Alpacas and Forbidden Woolery. Accessories from Slipped Stitch Studios and Lantern Moon could be in stock, too.

    Plus knitters on hand to chat with about what you're working on, the best buttons to use, and where to find great knitting groups. Because, as any crafter knows, Tuesday night knitting groups are a great social spot. Maridee and Barbra know.

    What's the next mobile shop we're apt to see? Like the Yarnover Truck, we're hoping it has a DIY spirit and a true partnership backing it up. And if we can pick up some advice and tips, too, so much the better.

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