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LA Beer Week: Brunches, Bacon, Craft Brews

Frosty pint glasses, line 'em up.



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    LA Beer Week
    Unity is the official brew of LA Beer Week. Where will you find your new local lager? The events are plentiful and social, through June 28.

    One of the comforting aspects of having a neighborhood tavern is that the jukebox is typically playing the same songs, the television is tuned to the same games, and the same corner in the table still needs a coaster or two under one of the legs, the better to balance it out.

    But visitors calling upon their local pubs over the fourth week in June may notice that things are changed up, and for a fine reason: It's LA Beer Week, or #LAB7, if you prefer, which denotes that this citywide brewers-and-brew-buffs bash has been around for a good long while (start year: 2008).

    A lucky seven years is symbolic of the big scene that's come about in the Southern California beer scene, which now runs in the same "top 20" lists as its California cousins San Diego and San Francisco. Look to the local craft breweries at the center of LA Beer Week's many to-dos, and look to beers like Unity, which is the official and multi-brewer collaborative beer for the 2015 fest.

    How to jump in and try something new, something sudsy, something local? You could take a chance that your neighborhood tavern is doing a special tap night or food pairing, or you might eye the lengthy list of happenings, which are on from June 20 through Sunday the 28th.

    Those hoppy happenings include Beer & Bacon with Three Weavers Brewing Company at The York, BEERBOWL at A-Frame, Beer & Dessert Pairings at Bow & Truss with Golden Road, and a Grilled Cheese & Beer night at Vertical Wine Bistro.

    A rocking highlight of the week? Eagle Rock Brewery's Battle of the Bands at the Echoplex. A band led by Stone Brewing Co. brewmaster Mitch Steele and "comprised solely of Stone employees" will jam it out as craft beers are enjoyed. Band name? The Flocculators, which, of course, refers to the process of yeast settling "at the bottom of the fermentation vessel.")

    Plus a thirst-quenching slew of tap takeovers, local flights, anniversary parties, guild meet-ups, and nights focusing on a single foam or maker.

    The events span the city, from bars to bistros to breweries. So, yeah, you could saunter into your local tavern, for an ale, only to find a tap takeover or special suds sipping.

    Fine beer, after all, is one of the things LA is known for, and the brew community is collaborative and tight. Look to Unity, the official beer of the 2015 Beer Week, which is brewed at Smog City in Torrance but came together with the help of the LA Brewers Guild.

    Will you raise a glass over this warm June week? Here's where to find your place and pint.

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