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LA Loves Lentil Bean

The internet superstar leaves a big-hearted pawprint on Southern California.



    LA Loves Lentil Bean
    Lindsay Condefer
    Lentil Bean, an "ambassadog" for people and animals with clefts, paid a visit to Los Angeles over the Labor Day Weekend, with a stop to meet fans at NKLA on Sunday, Sept. 1.

    The reasons that a cute pet becomes famous and goes wildly viral online are numerous. They might be able to play the piano or walk on their hind legs or perhaps they're simply a kissable fuzzy bundable made for social media-ing.

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    Then there is Lentil Bean, a French Bulldog from Pennsylvania, a squeezable superstar with a whole lot of heart. The famous Fido paid a visit to Southern California over the weekend, and several local followers of his Facebook page -- they're over 115,000 strong -- flocked to meet him at NKLA in West LA on Sunday, Sept. 1.

    Born in New Jersey last February with a cleft lip and palate, Lentil was fostered, and then adopted, by Lindsay Condefer of the French Bulldog Rescue Network of Pennsylvania. The now-chunky seven-month-old boy soon thrived after a touch-and-go beginning (Ms. Condefer fed him through a tube several times daily).

    Thibault Camus/AFP/Getty Images

    A successful palate-closing surgery followed in the late spring, though no cosmetic changes were made to the pup's cleft lip.

    Lentil -- also affectionately known as "Super Bean" to his fans -- now serves as an "ambassadog" of sorts for "changing the way people view clefts in both animals and humans." 

    Ambassadog isn't merely an adorable title; the Philadelphia-based pooch paid a joyful visit to Children's Craniofacial Association retreat in Orlando, Florida in June, and his Facebook followers have jumped in to raise money for CCA families to make future trips to the camp.

    In short? Lentil is much loved, both by Ms. Condefer, the kids of CCA, and all of the people around the world who await the next aww-inducing story or photo.

    And, given that he's just a month past his half-year mark, you can bet that many still-to-come Lentil visits will bring more attention, donations, and support to a variety of organizations. His Sept. 1 stop at NKLA, the new no-kill shelter near Sepulveda Boulevard, brought out dozens and dozens of happy fawners, fawners who arrived with blankets, food, and toys for the animals living at the facility.

    Where will Lentil -- we mean Super Bean -- alight next in his famous red cape?

    You can follow the pup's daily adventures and philanthropic pursuits on his vibrant, community-focused Facebook page.

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