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LA Zoo Baby Kangaroo: And the Name Is...

The rare naming contest received over 5,000 votes.



    LA Zoo Baby Kangaroo: And the Name Is...
    Jamie Pham
    The rare naming contest received over 5,000 votes.

    Welcoming a furry one into one's home, as a few hundred Southern California families and individuals did during the recent NKLA Super Adoption at the La Brea Tar Pits, means a few things must be done.

    Finding a comfy bed, finding the right food, and, fingers crossed, finding the right name, if a name is not known, is on everyone's animal-care to-do list.

    Zoos and animal parks very often run into this same head-scratching hitch, at least in terms of naming the beastie. What is the most perfect moniker for this koala, this orangutan, this baby kangaroo? Like a family with a new Fido, an animal park wants to land upon the loveliest, most character-filled handle for a new resident.

    With that in mind, the Los Angeles Zoo turned to the public with a rare request: Help us find the best name for our new highly hoppy, kangariffic joey.

    "Kangariffic" is a word, right? At least in the kanga slang kangaroos have surely mastered?

    Asking around for a name is not a common happening by any means, and the Griffith Park animal park has only put the naming rights out to fans of the zoo on a couple of other occasions. 

    After 503 entries, and over 5,000 votes, the winner is in: Winnie the Roo. Patricia Beauchamp of Los Angeles suggested the honey of a handle. Penelope and Keanu were the runners-up. (Both pretty sweet.)

    You can coo over Winnie the Roo, a Western gray kangaroo, as well as the other recent zoo babies (a pair of baby otters, a baby howlery monkey, a baby pronghorn, and more) by jaunting by the LA Zoo.

    Want to be involved in the animalia within? There's an adoption program, which the zoo recommends is a heart-tugger of a present for Mother's Day. Follow the hoots and barks and read more about it here.

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