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LA Zoo Summer: Hip Hippo Hooray

The Beastly Ball and Brew at the Zoo are both on the way.



    LA Zoo Summer: Hip Hippo Hooray
    LA Zoo
    Rosie, a hippo born to mom Mara last November, gets a splashy lift. Want to check out this little one or make for the Beastly Ball or Brew at the Zoo? Summer's arrived at LA Zoo.

    Heading to the beach to do some summer-style splashing is never a simple decision. There are the flip-flops to pack, and the towel, and the floppy hat, and then parking is an issue, or a place for your bike, and, and, and...

    And we're kind of alone in this fussy approach. Animals that love the aqua pretty much slink or belly-flop on in, no prep or planning required.

    Look to young Rosie, one of the sweethearts of the LA Zoo, a hippo who can often be seen swimming with mom Mara. Rosie is one of the summer '15 superstars at the Griffith Park animal park, but the superstars, and starry events, are plentiful. June is here and the Los Angeles Zoo has a full 'n furry roster of happenings just ahead, some for the families and some for the grown-up growlers. Er, people.

    The Beastly Ball is the zoo's annual, oh-so-splashy fundraiser, and we don't just mean the sort of splash that a sweet hippo makes while taking a dive. A ticket is a thousand dollars, and money raised helps exhibit improvements, educational programs, and muchmuchmuch more. Date? June 20.

    Roaring Nights is the three Fridays of fun-times happening that gets the groove on once in June, once in July, and, lastly, once in August. Food trucks'll be lined up and live music, too. It's also a swell way to enjoy the leafy, cool grounds come evening, though, of course, many of the residents shall be all cozy and asnooze. Dates: June 26, July 24, and Aug. 21

    Brew at the Zoo: So very many animal preserves and parks host 21+ craft beer gatherings, get-togethers that both spotlight local brewhouses and help out the zoos, too. The LA Zoo party happens just when brew buffs probably want it to happen, in the heat of early August. Date? Friday, Aug. 7, which is always a pretty toasty date, all told. Cooling beer could prove refreshing.

    As for visiting the zoo whenever, no summer special event required? That's fab, and you'll want to see wee Rosie grow, and all of the spring babies, who are a bit younger than the hippo, who arrived in November.

    As for just showing up at the beach or other water source of your choosing and diving/flopping in, like an animal? We humans still haven't quite perfected that ease, what with our stuff packing and pre-planning.

    If only we could just shimmy from the shore, into the waves, with the carefree attitude of a sweet lil' hippo.

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