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LA's Latest Bev Invention: Avocado Beer

Angel City Brewery throws a guac party (where some of the guac flavor is in the brew).



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    Tempted by Avocado Ale? Angel City Brewery'll be pouring the brew on Saturday, Aug. 24 (alongside a more traditional guacamole tasting).

    No one will dispute that beer and guacamole go about as way, way back as a beverage and a dip can go.

    Don't be sore at us, onion dip, nor you, straight-up sour cream; you're good with beer, too. But it's rare to find the green mashed goodness atop a table without an amber bottle located somewhere in its immediate vicinity. (The exception, of course, is when the amber bottle is replaced by a margarita.)

    But putting the guac inside the bottle, if not in texture and consistency but in flavor and spirit? It's a new mash-up on the mashed dip and the hoppy libation, and Angel City Brewery downtown is giving it a flavorful whirl.

    The beer is called Avocado Ale -- that should be a snap to remember -- and it'll fill up the glasses at the Arts District brewhouse's Avocado Festival. That gets going on Saturday, Aug. 24, but it isn't just about the fancy foam, which has the designation of being the bespoke brewery's 100th batch of the year.

    Nope, there shall be guacamole, too, as in real guac, via the guacamole contest. Is yours the best? Then you should enter.

    Octopops, "makers of the famous avocado pops," will be in the house, too, in addition to Rounds and Steel City Sandwiches. Will you be eating actual guacamole, and an avocado pop, alongside your Avocado Ale?

    It could happen. Why shouldn't the alligator pear appear in every course of a single meal at least once? All of us should enjoy our favorite foods in several forms, together, at some point, just to see if the layering adds depth.

    And if all of that green creaminess sends you reeling, happily, hang tight: The mondo California Avocado Festival in Carpinteria is just over a month away.

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