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LBC, Pedro, Redondo: Here Come the Lobster Fests

Have an outfit you don't mind making buttery? Then make for the coast-close confabs.



    LBC, Pedro, Redondo: Here Come the Lobster Fests
    Long Beach Lobster Festival
    Have an outfit you don't mind making buttery? Then make for the coast-close confabs, starting with Long Beach from Sept. 11 through 13.

    To truly enjoy an old-school lobster festival you'll need to first select a butter-ready get-up. But picking out a butter-ready get-up doesn't require that you comb through your closet looking for a pair of pants and shirt that are yellow, or yellow-ish, in hue.

    Rather, do you have an outfit that boasts a few honorable stains already? Maybe from a past lobster festival? Remember when you wiped your hands on your thighs, napkin-style, without realizing you were wearing a favorite pair of trousers?

    A few stains are a-ok, and even welcome, at the Long Beach Lobster Festival, where the alfresco feasting is not of the white-linen-y, nobody-make-a-mess sort. You'll be digging into fresh Maine lobsters, and coleslaw, and watermelon, and butter dipping sauce, and you'll be doing so with abandoned, fingers crossed, so, yeah, stains shall have their way.

    The days are Friday, Sept. 11 through Sunday, Sept. 13, the place is the ocean-adjacent, breeze-happening Rainbow Lagoon, there shall be live entertainment, there shall be kidly to-dos, and the lobsters will be the main on-the-plate stars of the weekend.

    It should be noted that Long Beach out of the gate on the lobster party scene, with two more majors ahead before the month draws to a close: The Port of Los Angeles and Redondo Beach will also quarter the lemons and melt the buttery sauces for fans who can't get to New England but want that fall feasting tradition that summons a hint of the East Coast.

    Tickets? They're here. You only need to decide if you want a sizable lobster or a really big lobster, poundage-wise, before you book your slot.

    Well, you do have one other decision to make: What to wear. And, nope, you're not dressing to impress, in the usual sense. You're making sure whatever you're rocking can be A) worn while dancing and B) worn while consuming buttery hunks of lobster deliciousness. So make sure your dress can swing wide and take on a fresh stain and blotch without too much stress.

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