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Less Is More: Meet The Minimalists

A duo of clutter-down experts call upon The Last Bookstore.



    Less Is More: Meet The Minimalists
    Megan Jae Riggs
    Joshua Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus -- aka The Minimalists -- visit The Last Bookstore on Friday, March 28.

    If you've been on a social media site in the last 72 hours, chances are very good that a friend or mentor or favorite actor or beloved teacher has shared a quote on meaning, connection, and life.

    It's a common thing to do, meaning-sharing via social media, given the sometimes overwhelming experience of onlinedom. And behind a lot of these quotes is the spirit of paring down, de-excessing, and, yes, that buzzword of the century, simplifying.

    The Minimalists are very much at the forefront of that movement, as evidenced by their popular site, their new book, and their 100-city tour, which is swinging by the Last Bookstore on Friday night, March 28.

    If you're wondering if you have to buy the book to attend, given that not adding to our stuff is behind The Minimalists' message, why nope, you absolutely do not.

    But you are free to swing by -- there's no charge to watch and listen -- for the 90-minute to-do. "Everything That Remains" is not just a point-by-point guide in clearing out your storage room and readying for a garage sale. Rather it is a memoir of The Minimalists -- Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus -- and how they went from mondo consumers of a calvalcade of stuff to living the streamlined, less-more way in Montana.

    In this, the first week of spring, were you thinking of doing that whole spring cleaning thing? Good on that. The takeaway, though, might be to do a bit of reflecting on lifestyle and habit before hitting the pile of old boxes in the garage. It isn't just staging a Saturday sale but laying good groundwork for future modes of shopping, owning, and being.

    Spend an hour and a half pondering such topics, with other aspiring minimalists, downtown.

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