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Live at the El Cap: On-Stage Ice Carving

The "Frozen" pre-show is about to get very, very brrrrr-y.



    Live at the El Cap: On-Stage Ice Carving
    Catching "Frozen" at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood? There shall be pre-movie ice carving.

    What happened just before the last movie you saw in a theater?

    You probably checked your phone, people-watched, ate most of your popcorn, and stepped in a sticky soda spot. What you didn't do, we'll pretty confidently guess, is behold the shivery spectacle of live ice carving, chips flying hither and thither before the screen.

    That will be exactly what happens should you see "Frozen," the new Disney film set to bow five days early, on Friday, Nov. 22, at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood. 

    The on-stage ice carving isn't the only thing happening pre-movie. Two characters from the animated film, Anna and Elsa, will make a cold-weathery but warm-hearted cameo, and the theater'll take on a chilly appearance, up to and including "ice-wrapped opera boxes."

    Yeah. Ice-wrapped opera boxes.

    Hi, everywhere else. If you're wondering how we do it in Hollywood, this is the answer you're seeking: big. Huge. Jeals? Nah, don't be, just get inspired.

    A few other to-knows: The film is show in real3D 3D, and kids under 8 can grab specially sized glasses. Yay that. Also? Anna will appear on "select days" at some special breakfasts, downstairs, before the first screening, so if that intrigues, check out the info.

    And, as always, the Wurlitzer starts off the show, then typically ends with a rousing rendition of "Be Our Guest" before disappearing below stage.

    "Frozen" opens nationwide on Wednesday, Nov. 27. See it, and the ice carving, at the El Capitan through Sunday, Jan. 5.