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Lobster Extravaganza at Nick + Stef's

Fresh Maine lobsters and a posh meal are a yearly tradition.



    Lobster Extravaganza at Nick + Stef's
    Nick + Stef's
    The Lobster Extravaganza is on at Nick + Stef's from Wednesday, Aug. 21 through Saturday, Aug. 24.

    When the crustaceaniest season of the Southern California descends, it can be easy to only picture one thing: Lobster lovers lined up at outdoor picnic tables, under the sun, with plastic bibs and paper plates filling out the frame.

    But our September lobster-based enjoyment isn't solely built around the famous large-scale festivals which fill up the middle of the month (we're looking at you, Long Beach, San Pedro, and Redondo Beach). Nick + Stef's Steakhouse, the downtown meatery known for their primo cuts of beef, generally gets the crustacean season rolling with its Lobster Extravaganza.

    The Extravaganza is set to roll over four nights: Aug. 21, 22, 23, and Saturday, Aug. 24.

    What's on the menu? No shocker: A certain crimson-hued sea denizen is the star, but in a few surprising ways. Chef Megan Logan will serving New England Lobster Rolls as well as steamed lobster. Surf & Turf is part of the scene, as well as Lobster Mac & Cheese, Lobster Thai Coconut Soup, and Lobster Thermidor.

    Yep, that's lotta lobster.

    Everything's priced a la carte, but note that the lobsters are flown in daily from, you guessed it, Maine.

    Hi, Maine!

    The steamed lobsters, by the by, are served with smoked paprika butter and basil butter, in addition to straight-up butter-butter.

    See? We told you. A wee bit fancy. Yep, you can tie on your plastic bib come September, but if you want to have a posher ocean-salty experience, Nick + Stef's is your pre-September first stop.

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