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Local 'Back to the Future' Love: Hill Valley=LA

Drive by the Burger King on Victory often? It's a slice of cinema history.



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    Marty McFly and Doc Brown stand in Hill Valley, or Universal City, depending upon your perspective, in the second "Back to the Future."

    The fact of the matter is this: You can't throw a hoverboard without hitting a map depicting the "Back to the Future" locations dotting greater LA (and beyond, too, if you take in the whole franchise).

    And while all fans know that The Gamble House, Pasadena's Craftsman queen, is Doc Brown's 1955 pad, and that Hill Valley's town square still exists, in ever-changing, movie-set form, on the backlot of Universal Studios, there are other spots you may be toodling by, daily, that have BTTF cred. 

    By the way, it's perfectly acceptable to say "BTTF" if "BTTF" is your BFF, film-wise; a lot of people count the sci-fi/comedy/time travel classic as their all-time favorite. And a lot more will be revisiting it on Oct. 21, 2015, which is truly and officially and actually Back to the Future Day, the day Marty McFly and Doc Brown zoomed into the distant future in the second installment.

    We know, there've been practically a million memes and photos telling all of us otherwise, but, like Biff, they're playing tricks. Oct. 21, 2015 is the day. (Is "a million" too low? We're honestly wondering.)

    And LA is Hill Valley, or sort of, and while a huge ol' mess of movies have been made here over the last century-plus, local fans hold the Southern California BTTF locations a little closer to their hearts, as seen by the many film-related maps and tours and revisits and photo shoots.

    Oh, and car gatherings: DeLoreans regularly zoom into Puente Hills Mall, which, of course, was Two Pines Mall, and later Lone Pine Mall, in the film.

    Oh, and skateboard photo shoots: The Burger King in Burbank, just off Victory Boulevard, is where Marty first rolls out, at the beginning of the first film, after leaving Doc's clock-ringing lab.

    Then there's the McCambridge Recreation Center, which isn't too far from that Burger King, which is where Huey Lewis, complete with flattened-down, Brylcreemed hair, lifted his megaphone and told Marty's auditioning band that they were "just too darn loud."

    And other places dotted about town, all of which the fans gathering for We're Going Back, the BTTF convention, will call upon. 

    If you want to be a true completist, where the legendary series is concerned, you'll make a date with Jamestown, which is about five hours north of LA, to see the historic railroad tracks where much of "Back to the Future 3" took place. 

    Oh, you've been already? Yeah, we get it. That's how fandom goes for "Back to the Future" -- it's as serious as Biff's scowl and as mirthful as the "see ya, wouldn't want to be ya" glance Marty tosses over his shoulder as he's getting away on his skateboard/hoverboard. 

    What other movie has held such sway? And what movies have earned their very own day? Happy Oct. 21, 2015, everyone. Best don your puffy red vests, just in case a flying DeLorean should stop outside your house.

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