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Lunar Love: Full Moon Friday

Valentine's plans or no, you can still find spots to admire the night sky's main celeb..



    If you were to meticulously go through all of the love poems ever written, and extract the word "moon" each time you found it, how many poems would be left with holes?

    The official answer? Bunches. For countless poets and authors and painters and purveyors of romance have looked to our satellite for inspiration and wonder, and found it.

    So when a full moon night just happens to land upon Valentine's Day, it can feel as if someone planned it back at the Perfect Timing Factory. But where will you and your lunar-loving honey -- or group of pals or pup -- go to admire the glowing night sky?

    You can make for...

    Griffith Observatory: Now, this might just be a rumor or hearsay, but we're fairly sure the glorious historic pile of a landmark that perches atop Los Feliz might -- might -- have a telescope or two. We kid; what's Valentine's without a little mirth? The world-famous observatory is free to visit, open through 10 p.m., and a great vantage point for seeing both city and sky.

    A Moonlight Hike: Tree People host a monthly outing that's all about being in nature and savoring that silvery quality of light that comes when the big dish in the sky is good and round. It's five bucks a hiker, it takes about 45 minutes to an hour, and the spot? Coldwater Canyon Park. If you can't make the Feb. 14 hike, as they do fill up, keep it on your calendar. They do come around every four weeks, give or take.

    Palm Springs Aerial Tramway: Taken a literal spin up the side of Mount San Jacinto? Then you know the beautiful rock formations you pass on your way up to the Palm Springs tram's mountain station. Now picture that rock lit by the full moon, and picture a nice Valentine's dinner at the top. Is this a happy-maker? We say it most definitely is. Plus, ever seen a moon from a tram? It's a most unusual viewing platform.

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