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Make Music Pasadena: 100+ Artists Rock 30+ Venues

Throw down a five-dollar donation, see so so many shows (so many).



    Your Perfect Day at the Ballgame
    Make Music Pasadena
    A lot of music lovers -- like, a lot a lot -- will make for Pasadena for a day of 100+ shows. Donation? Five bucks is suggested. Date? Saturday, June 7.

    What's that machine called, with the blinking bulbs and glowing dials, that doesn't exactly take you back in time, or forward, but allows you to be in like six different places at once?

    That. That's what you'll need to invent, or find a friend who knows someone who can loan one out, before Saturday, June 7. And the nice thing is you won't have to roam very far to be in all of those places at the very same time. That is, if you fly your magic machine to Make Music Pasadena.

    The big, big, big music festival -- three "bigs" was probably enough, we'll guess, though maybe not -- rounds up over 100 artists who strum and sing and warble and jam it out in over 30 venues. Those venues are all in the Crown City, so we weren't pulling your leg when we said that your six-different-places-at-once machine wouldn't have to go very far to put you in those six different places at once.

    Saint Motel and Tennis and Yuna and Wild Ones and Shelby Earl and Slow Graffiti and Celeigh Chapman are some of the performers. As for the venues? You'll want to check out the Paseo Colorado Stage, and The Luckman at Cal State LA Main Stage, and the Vromann's Jazz Stage, and the ones at the Armory Center for the Arts and Kings Row Gastropub and and and and and.

    Five "ands" are probably enough, we'll guess, though maybe not.

    It's the all-over, thousands-and-thousands-attend mega daylong in-city summer's-coming music festival. Oh? And it is five bucks. That's the suggested donation, at least.

    So, seriously. If you invent that machine before June 7, and you're able to be in lots of places at once, figure how much music you see for that fiver. Heck, if you're only in one place at a time, seeing one band or singer, you're definitely going to get your cash's worth.

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