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Malibu New: An All-Vinyl Record Shop

The all-platter place makes its Country Mart debut.



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    Stax of Wax
    Stax of Wax, a new vinyl records shop, just opened at Malibu Country Mart.

    When one hears the words "record shop" one automatically pauses, and even winces, because they fear that the word "closed" might soon follow.

    Too many platter palaces shuttered when classic, den-hogging hi-fis fell out of favor, but the fans didn't go anywhere. They still visit existing vinyl houses on the regular, and they celebrate Record Store Day at their local shop each and every spring.

    It is, in short, unusual to hear the words "record shop" followed by the words "now open." But that's just the message that vinylists have received in recent days, thanks to the debut of Stax of Wax at Malibu Country Mart.

    Billed as "a specialty vinyl record shop," Stax of Wax takes its inspiration from Satellite Records of Memphis, Tennessee, a nexus of great tuneage that became famous for serving both "groundbreaking" tunes and the fans seeking them out back in the day. ("Back in the day"=the 1960s.)

    Several genres can be found along the Stax of Wax shelves, from country to blues to Americana to rock and jazz. Concord Music Group's Bicycle Music Company and Liliana Casabal, of Morgane Le Fay, are behind the sound-filled space. (You're correct, if the name of Bicycle Music tings a bell: They're the outfit behind many acclaimed releases from Tone-Loc, Nine Inch Nails, and beyond.)

    It's worth noting Stax of Wax's singular status. It calls itself "Malibu's finest {and only} record store." Look for books, tees, and other enhancements to the aural experience the store is centered around.

    But will you take the necessary time to flip, flip, flip, flip through all of those albums, one at a time? That's only one of the many joys of vinyl fandom, the quintessential flip, flip, flip, flip. Of course you'll want to get your desired purchase home, and put on the bulky headphones, and dive into that famously warm vinyl vibe, but only after you've perused every cover in the shop.

    This news is as nice as finding a complimentary poster of the band inside a record's sleeve: A record shop that isn't "closed" but rather is "now open." How's that for a surprising twist?

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