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Mega Hollywood Costume Show Heads for Future Oscar Museum

"Titanic" and "The Hunger Games" will both be represented.



    Mega Hollywood Costume Show Heads for Future Oscar Museum
    Courtesy of Paramount Pictures and 20th Century Fox.
    Costumes from "Titanic" will go on display in the May Co. building at Wilshire and Fairfax. The traveling Hollywood Costume exhibit opens on Thursday, Oct. 2.

    Previews, in the cinema, mean one thing: Two- to three-minute clips showcasing the highlights, and often much of the plot, of an upcoming film.

    People like 'em, usually, because they give a distinct taste of what's to come. But there's a different sort of film foretelling ahead for Los Angeles, and it arrives with the huge, huge Hollywood Costume exhibit, which is set to open at the May Co. building at Wilshire and Fairfax on Thursday, Oct. 2.

    Are you scratching your noggin here and thinking "huh, the May Co. -- isn't that where the Academy is opening its movie museum?" You are correct, noggin-scratcher: It is.

    But it isn't open yet, meaning this traveling show -- and we stand behind the "huge, huge" we unleashed earlier -- will fill out much of the museum before there's actually a museum there.

    Yep, Tinseltown adores its time-bending stories, even in real-life.

    In the exhibit, which will remain at the May Co. through March 2, 2015? Costume pieces from "Titanic," "The Hunger Games," "Django Unchained," "Raiders of the Lost Ark," and "Mary Poppins." How costumes create character is one of the themes of the show, which will include a "non-chronological, four-gallery journey" through ideas such as how costumes start real-world trends and the collaborations between directors, actors, and costume designers.

    The exhibit is organized by the Victoria & Albert Museum of London. Over 60 lenders have provided the 145 costumes, and the Academy is supplying some 30 more.

    Call it a feast for sartorial and cinema mavens, and call it an apt preview for what is soon to come for the May Co. building, when the Academy Museum finally sets in in all of its prop- and costume- and history- and screen-filled cinematic feastery.

    "Soon to come"=2016.