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Menu Sneak Peek: Taste of Farmers Market

China Depot is set with orange tofu, Bryan's Pit BBQ is doing brisket...



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    Farmers Market
    How many bites to you get at Taste of Farmers Market? Oh, over 50 is all. It's a great way to get familiar with LA's beloved landmark. Be at Third & Fairfax on Tuesday, July 16.

    If you're a devotee of the Original Farmers Market, the nook-and-cranny-fied foodie landmark at the corner of Third Street and Fairfax Avenue, you can have a devil of a time explaining its annual Taste of Farmers Market shindig to a curious newbie.

    You: "There's lots of different cuisines to try, from all the stalls!" Newbie: "Like what?" You: "Overwhelming bites of everything from all the places!" Newbie: "Such as..?" You: "Uhhh, hooray, Farmers Market rules!"

    This conversation is a frequent conversation, we're sure, because the public market's annual try-something-from-every-eatery party can fully eclipse, in a good way, the senses and memory. So here's a quick and handy sneak peek, in more detailed terms -- rather than "food! Lotsa food!" -- of what attendees can expect at the Tuesday, July 16 celebration.

    The China Depot is going with a savory orange tofu. Over at Bryan's Pit BBQ? It's brisket bites, of course. Fritzi Dog, which is next door to Bryan's, is serving up hot dog tastes (prepare for some truly posh wieners), while Sushi A Go Go is lining up the tuna spoonfuls. And Marconda's Meats will set out the platters of Wagyu top sirloin steak. Please. That sounds amazing.

    See? Specific. We know, fellow fans of Farmers Market, we know: It can be easy to be a little hang-jaw'd at the prospect of describing every single sample one tries over the course of the once-a-year night. So feel free to use those examples when pitching the party to the friend you want to invite.

    And it is a party. Mariachis shall stroll and there are beer and vino samples to imbibe. Plus, you'll be under those iconic stripey awnings at sunset on a July evening, eating tuna spoonfuls and crepes and falafels and mini pot pies. Seriously, will you want to change places with anyone at that moment?

    We'll just be brazen and answer for you right now: no.

    A ticket to Taste of Farmers Market is $35 ahead of time and $40 if you show up that night. Hours are 5 to 9 p.m.

    One last tip: Try the lighter bites first or work the Market in sections. Everyone has a different game plan for the night, but pacing, pausing, and people-watching makes for the ideal combo.

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