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Meow Now: Chinatown's Cat Café Pop-Up

Sip tea, love on felines? The popular-'round-the-planet concept purrs in LA.



    Meow Now: Chinatown's Cat Café Pop-Up
    Catfé, a cat café modeled on the popular businesses found in Japan and Europe, pops up in Chinatown from Oct. 2 through 5.

    If you've ever been on a first date, or met a new online acquaintance for a quick bite, you know that you'll often rehearse interesting conversation topics, in your head, on the way to your rendezvous.

    You won't need to do that at Catfé, because you, your friend, your date, and everyone else will be discussing the same thing: cats, cats, cats, cats, and more cats. Why? Because cats. Are. All around you. While you're sipping your tea and socializing. Maybe even in your lap.

    Cat cafés have been as popular in Japan as a can of just-opened tuna fish to a peckish pussy, and they've landed in other cities, such as San Francisco, to much buzz -- er, purring -- and acclaim. Entrepreneur -- er, entrepurrneur -- Carlos Wong wanted to bring that cat concept to Los Angeles, but after his fundraiser for a larger, long-term cat café did not hit its goal, he decided to go pop-up.

    That pop-up pops up in Chinatown from Thursday, Oct. 2 through Sunday, Oct. 5 during the afternoon and early evening hours. You'll need to reserve a spot in advance, and there is a donation request of $30. Details, asterisks, and moresuch? Pad this way.

    The money raised could one day make a full-on Catfé a reality.

    As for the felines roaming the Far East Plaza space? Well, there are kitty adoptions available, and Best Friends Animal Society has partnered with Mr. Wong on the pop-up. And, indeed, he has worked with the Department of Health. "It's like a Starbucks petting zoo," Mr. Wong told the department when first pitching the idea. (That phone call must have been interesting.)

    Will the cat café become all that Stateside, where, indeed, codes seem to support the idea? Could it be the next step in robust animal adoptions? And given that our dogs so frequently accompany us to restaurants, isn't it the feline's time to dominate, dining out-wise?

    The tinging of little collar bells could soon be sounding across Southern California's meet-up-and-tea-up scene.

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