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Movember: Moustache-Growers, Sign Up Now

Planning to support men's charities via the hair on your upper lip this November? Best prepare.



    Movember: Moustache-Growers, Sign Up Now
    Ready to 'stache it up this November? You can start your Movember mojo -- and fundraising -- pronto. Sign-up is open at the men's health charity site.

    The growing of a moustache begins with... well... spoiler alert? The decision to grow a mustache, and nothing more. A gentleman can simply decide to become furrier in the upper lip region without any accessories or equipment required to aid his new course of action.

    There is one big-hearted, giving-of-support exception to the moustache-growing rule: Movember. The all-November-long fundraiser asks men to make moustache magic in support of men's health initiatives.

    The upshot? Start growing your face hair on Nov. 1, party alongside other facial hair fundraisees on Nov. 30, the better to show off your fuller 'stache in its full, magnificent flower, and inspire loved ones to donate cash to the guy-loving cause along the way. Women, let us also note, are also major Movember participants, raising money and occasionally donning costume mustaches at various social outings.

    So you can see that there's some prep to this moustache-growing, some planning, and it starts asap: Participant sign-up is open on the Movember site.

    This means that you can start gathering the needed info and tools to get the word out that you're going to do this wacky thing come the eleventh month, and family and friends can earmark some cash to give.

    Oh, and, yeah: You might want to invest in some pomade and a comb or wax for your moustache's tips. These extras aren't required, but one spin through Movember's photos of the past reveals that gentlemen bring the style to their 'stachery. This style is also apparent in Movember's use of the classy "moustache" over "mustache" (though whether you choose to grow a moustache or mustache is open to you; we're not splitting hairs here).

    You can grow a basic bushy one, with no work, but if you go full barbershop quartet? Prepare for a rain of high fives where you go this November, Movemberist.

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