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Movember: The Give-Back Barbershop

November's charitable hair-growth-tacular gets a give-back brick-and-mortar.



    Movember: The Give-Back Barbershop
    Movember, the every-November, grow-a-mustache, help-men's-health-a-thon, now has a barbershop. It's open every Friday in Culver City and proceeds? They go to Movember.

    Somewhere, every day of the year, a man thinks about starting to grow a mustache. Go with a full? Something old-fashioned and pencil-thin? The mustache that's more of a mutton chop-y, cheek-covering thing (a stylish look that definitely needs a renaissance)?

    It's happening as we type. But there's a very hairy time of year, near the end, when many men enact the mustache-grow plan. The special date is November 1st, or should we say Movember 1st.

    What's Movember? It's a push to help men's health initiatives with a very visual component: Guys grow mustaches from Nov. 1st to 30th to raise money and awareness. There are parties along the way, and many pictures taken, and women join in the fundraising and fun-having (lest you think the gentlemen are alone on this journey; they aren't, of course).

    But November is just a twelfth of the year, and organizers behind the give-back movement want the spirit of Movember to be ever-present regardless of what the calendar might say. With that in mind, an every-Friday barbershop debuted this month at the charity's Culver City headquarters.

    Movember & Co., which is backed by the Movember Foundation and Blind Barber, will donate all profits to Movember causes, which are very much about men's health, "specifically prostate cancer and testicular cancer and mental health issues." 

    The once-a-week shop, which offers haircuts, shaves, and the other services found in a traditional men's groomery, isn't just about raising money but raising awareness. "At Movember, we are always looking for ways to keep the men's health conversation going, not just in November, but throughout the year. There's no better place to connect with guys and have a chat about what's going on than in a barber chair staying handsome," said Adam Garone, CEO and Movember Foundation co-founder.

    Want a cut, a convo, and a chance to give back? Blind Barber, the men's lifestyle brand, is your place to make an appointment: call 310-841-6679.

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