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Movies, Talks, More: Find Oscar Haps Open to All

The Academy has a calendar brimming with treats for the film fan.



    Your Perfect Day at the Ballgame
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    Not going to the Academy Awards? There are still places to celebrate all that is Oscar during the big week. (Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images)

    Feting the Oscars is often an exercise in consuming a lot of dip, drinking some wine, and commenting on the sparkly gowns from the snug comfort one's couch.

    But just because you don't have an invitation to the Dolby Theatre for its little Sunday, March 2 soiree doesn't mean that you can't participate in the movie-nice magic that is Academy Awards week. There are a bevy of happenings beyond actually going to a theater to see the nominated films, and several of them are centered at the Academy itself.

    Before we proceed we should hang a blinking light right here that reads, over and over, these things sell out. Good? Fine.

    The Animated and Live Action Shorts Night. The Oscar-nominated shorts can sometimes be a bit tricky to find on the big-screen, meaning that when the Academy shows them, go, go, and go. Did we say "go"? Yes. Kevin Pollak is the host for the Tuesday, Feb. 25 to-do at the Wilshire HQ.

    Documentaries: The true-life stories get their moment on Wednesday, Feb. 26. And, nope, the Documentary Features nominees won't show in full -- that would take up the better part of an afternoon and evening -- but you will see clips and commentary from directors Rob Epstein and Barbara Kopple.

    Oscar Concert: This is a new thing this year, and you can bet your trombone it'll be popular. Why? Because the Thursday, Feb. 27 musicale treat is all about the nominated tunes. What? Yeah, the time for this has finally arrived.

    More goodness is set for Oscar Week, including Animated Feature love, make-up and hairstyling spotlights, and basically everything to do with the Academy Awards. Yeah, that's pretty all encompassing -- "basically everything to do with" -- but we'll stand by it. It's a big week at the Academy, and all of the bells, whistles, stars and screenings are in the swirl.

    Can't get in? The Academy often does stand-by lines, so check on those before going Wilshire.

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