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Mr. Kilmer Meets Mr. Twain

The actor takes on the author, for one night, in Northridge.



    Mr. Kilmer Meets Mr. Twain
    Neil Jacobs
    Val Kilmer stars in "Citizen Twain" at the Valley Performing Arts Center on Saturday, April 6.

    It's a long road from Jim Morrison to Mark Twain, it's never been said. Or is it really?

    Figure that both men had ties to California and a love of words, both poetical and political. And there the comparisons stop. But there is one more commonality to consider: Val Kilmer.

    The actor famously played the lead singer of "The Doors" in the 1991 Oliver Stone film, and he's taking on Mark Twain next, for one night, at the Valley Performing Arts Center. "Citizen Twain" is the name of the night, and it involves Mr. Kilmer -- er, Mr. Twain -- perusing the topics he liked to peruse, with varying degrees of twinkle and satire, during his lifetime.

    The date is Saturday, April 6. Balcony ticket prices start at $45, but if you go for the $150 orchestra seats, you get to participate in a meet & greet with the actor following the show.

    Here's another interesting bit: The thespian is in full Twain make-up and costume -- later Twain, a man looking back on his life and career -- which is phenomenal. But sometimes the taking off of extensive, transformative make-up is as interesting as the process of applying it.

    So the actor will remain on stage following the show as his make-up is removed, chatting with the audience as it happens. If you do attend, make plans to stick around.

    And perhaps Jim Morrison and Mark Twain do have another thing in common. If one of their often-heard quotes comes up as a "Jeopardy" answer, you always can guess which is which. Always. Truth, right? Not every historical figure can be as quickly pinned to his famous sayings or aphorisms.

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