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Music's Big Week: Dylan Photos, Grammy Shows...

All eyes are turning to the ears ahead of The Grammy Awards.



    Music's Big Week: Dylan Photos, Grammy Shows...
    Courtesy of Rock Paper Photo
    A photo retrospective celebrating Bob Dylan's first music-making decade is on at The Darkroom on Melrose. (Photo by Fred W. McDarrah courtesy of Rock Paper Photo)

    From the first time our first teacher handed us our first triangle -- or first recorder or first drum or first kazoo -- we understood what people have understood since the first humans blew between a pair of leaves, making a whistle: Music is everywhere, all the time, in many forms.

    But sometimes it seems to be even more everywhere, to get a bit lyrical about it, especially come the week of the Grammy Awards, when pop-up shows and come-together concerts and gallery happenings and museum to-dos are as pervasive as hand-claps in a kindergarten sing-a-long class. 

    Looking to slip into the hum of Music's Biggest Week, in the town in which the awards'll go down? Then make for...

    The Darkroom: A snapshot-sweet retrospective of one Bob Dylan is on at the Melrose-based pub through February. The focus of the photo lookback? The balladeer's music-changing first decade. Rock Paper Photo is kicking off a number of retrospectives at The Darkroom, with the Dylan-devoted show standing as the very first. A beverage bonus? A few cocktails will be themed to the era and photos, so check in with your bartender (the "rye-focused flight" seems like a fine thing to sip as you stroll).

    The Grammy Museum: The institution doesn't shutter due to busy times come the week of the Grammy Awards, making it the best bet for a non-nominee (and, let's be honest, a non-invitee) to feel inside the world behind the iconic gramophone. On now? Exhibits and shows spotlighting Tupac Shakur, Taylor Swift, Rodney Dangerfield, and Donna Summer. (Do note, though that the museum closes early on Sunday, Feb. 8, the day of the Grammys.)

    Sonos Studio: Caught the "audio-visual journey" that considers how sound impacts mood and "music affects us all"? It's on at the studio-tunes-social-idea space that's on La Brea. Pondering how a song works its way into your heart is a fine meditation for Grammy Week, when all eyes -- er, ears -- turn towards the top tune-makers in the industry. (Note: the exhibition is closing early due to the busy week, but the music-awesome Listening Room at Sonos Studio is open and welcoming visitors Wednesdays through Sundays from noon to 6 p.m.)

    Photo by Fred W. McDarrah courtesy of Rock Paper Photo

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