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New Downtown: Free Lunchtime Concerts

Grand Central Market kicks off a trio of free series of lunchtime concerts.



    New Downtown: Free Lunchtime Concerts
    Grand Central Market
    Delicious apples, great lattes, fine meats, and lunchtime concerts: Grand Central Market kicks off a series of free music. The shows are set for Oct. 31, Nov. 9, and Dec. 7)

    Whoever first said that "the best things in life are free" hit the bullseye, but we believe that the last bit was likely left off. "The best things in life are free and come as a nice surprise" is more of a mouthful, and, er, isn't quite as catchy, and, um, is rather awkward, but c'mon. It works and we like it.

    Why? Because it is a lovely thing to be shopping for the spinach-Gruyere dip you have to make for a get-together later in the day and to suddenly -- suddenly -- walk into a concert, even as you hold your produce in hand. That will be the experience of shoppers and diners at Grand Central Market starting on Thursday, Oct. 31 at 1 p.m.

    A free lunchtime concert series kicks off that day near the Hill Street Entrance. Two more lunchtime gigs are set to follow on Nov. 9 and Dec. 7, and they'll all draw some major music mojo. La Familia Valera Miranda is set to strum on Oct. 31, while Batala LA plays Nov. 9. Oh yeahhh, and on Dec. 7? Breakdancing AND breakdancing lessons.

    Shopping for tangerines and tumeric has never been so entertaining.

    Around the corner, or nearly, there's also more entertaining-meets-eating goodness afoot: Get Your Phil is on now, which means dining deals for symphony fans. Classical lovers can enjoy few prix fixe meals -- prix fixe meaning $32 -- at some Disney Hall-close restaurants over a few upcoming November dates. There are a few asterisks, so read all, but, please: Try not to be cute-ified by "Get Your Phil," as a brand name. We hope it runs again, and again, not just for the dining discounts, but so we can just say it, because it is fun.

    We predict these shall both inspire "I love this town"-type comments. Los Angeles has about 800 events and places and occurrences and features that make people want to utter that sentence, so we're lucky, but, yeah; we're always open to more.

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