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New: Free Hammer Museum Membership

Want to get a few member-nice perks at the Westwood favorite? Here's how.



    Your Perfect Day at the Ballgame
    Hammer Museum
    Visit the Hammer Museum twelve times over the course of a year, earn twelve points, and become a member, for free, at the Participate level.

    There can be free things and free happenings and free products and free extras in this world, but the one-step-up higher level membership end of the deal? 

    Yeah. That's not free, typically. So very much the opposite of free.

    But here's a new asterisk: The Hammer Museum is now offering free membership. Nope, this isn't the same as the pay-no-admission policy the Westwood institution kicked off last February. That's still in place, fear not: You can get into the Hammer for no bucks. No bucks at all.

    This is about membership, being a member of one of the region's cutting-edge-iest art museums, and this is how the shiny new deal works: Visit the museum, get yourself what's being called "a punchcard of sorts," and proceed to earn a point with every visit.

    One Hammer visit=one point. And you "get your first point when you sign up on the site." Nice.

    Get twelve points in a year and bingo! You're a member of the Hammer PLUS earned membership at the Participate level. (We thought we'd shout "bingo" there since collecting points is rather game-like and easy to follow.)

    So what does a Participate level membership net you? Membership cards for two people, oh yeah. Invites to all of the "exhibition opening receptions and one HAMMER PLUS event" (make that invites for two, so you and your plus-one'll have a full calendar, for sure). And "(p)riority entry and seat selection for two at Hammer public programs" (so think the Billy Wilder Theatre which brims with cool cinematic happenings).

    You'll get the Hammer calender in the mail, too.

    The new Participate plan was launched during Made in LA, so if you take it on, you'll be one of the early adopters. "(W)e want everyone to enjoy a deeper, more meaningful relationship with the Museum," reads the Hammer site.

    That's nice. It involves art. Also ideas. You won't spend cash. Except for maybe parking. And snacks. If you like snacks. But the membership? Free in just 12 visits. You can do it.

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