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New Getty Parking: Pay Once, Park Twice

Going to both the Center and the Villa on the same day? You're in luck.



    New Getty Parking: Pay Once, Park Twice
    Alysia Gray Painter
    Have plans to do the Getty Villa and the Getty Center in the same day? You only need pay for parking once.

    Southern Californians have the truly good fortune of living near a number of esteemed cultural institutions. And many of those places just happen to be of the pay-no-admission ilk.

    That's our very favorite ilk, in fact. You, too?

    But that often doesn't apply to parking. Did we say often? Let's put it this way: If you drive to a museum in or around Los Angeles, you'll probably pay to stow your car.

    The Getty Center and the Getty Villa are free to get in but the stopping-and-turning-off-your-automobile part? Yep, that costs fifteen bucks at each place.

    That all ends on Saturday, March 23, or at least changes in a patron-pleasing way: Now you only need to pay once to park if you intend to visit both institutions over the course of a day.

    The Getty Center is at the tippy-top of Brentwood -- "tippy-top" is totally a map term, right? -- while the Getty Villa is a twelve-mile into Malibu.

    Both, of course, are treasures. No less than that. Is there anything else to be said? Of course there is: The Villa's synonymous with antiquities while the Center shows a wide array of paintings, furniture, and photos from several recent centuries. Both have le ultimate gardens and special events and exhibits aplenty.

    Now, here's the thing on paying once and parking twice. We said it has to be same day, right? You'll need to get your complimentary parking coupon at your first museum before departing for the second museum. The spot to do so? The Museum Information Desk.

    (In other words, don't try and show a postcard you bought at the first place while parking at the second place. You absolutely need that coupon.)

    Oh, and one other to-know: The Getty Center is closed on Monday and the Getty Villa on Tuesday, so this whole shebang will not work. Plan your day at both later in the week.

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