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New: 'Journey to Space' at California Science Center

Human space exploration is at the science-amazing heart of a fresh IMAX film and exhibit.



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    Journey to Space
    Human space exploration is at the science-amazing heart of a fresh IMAX film and exhibit. Both debut on Thursday, Oct. 29 at the Exposition Park institution.

    When we grown-ups hear of different occupations, we often give a brief thought to the duties and obligations and day-to-days of the people who hold those roles. Sometimes we're engrossed with what a job is all about, sometimes not, but generally we show at least a passing interest.

    Except when it comes to astronauts. We all want to know all about astronauts, including the most minute details of life in space, from how hard a robotic arm is to operate to if the freeze-dried food is really tasty.

    But even if we can't make it out to our nearest launchpad in the next few weeks, the better to investigate this occupation, we can probably make the California Science Center, where "Journey to Space," a new IMAX film, is set to gain lift off — aka open — on Thursday, Oct. 29. 

    The IMAX 3D movie takes viewers up, up, up into the cosmos, courtesy of wowza imagery and narration from none other than Sir Patrick Stewart, himself a famous space traveler via his portrayal of Jean-Luc Picard on "Star Trek: The Next Generation." 

    "The film explores the storied past and ambitious future of space travel," including how NASA is preparing "a human mission to Mars," says the center.

    That'll likely get any galactic buff pretty stoked, so be sure to visit the special exhibit paired with the film before wrapping your California Science Center visit. "(A) real glove used by Neil Armstrong and a rotating chamber inspired by the International Space Space Station's Destiny Module" are in the exhibit. And, for sure, guests may enter the module, allowing them to experience the feeling "of disorientation of an environment with no up or down."

    Also lively and learnable: You'll get to "take a turn managing the energy of a simulated orbiting space station, operate a robotic arm, and find out how astronauts eat, sleep, and even go to the bathroom in space."

    We mean, obviously. We all want to know how that end of things works, and saying otherwise would be a fib.

    Enjoy the epic and inspiring notions of humans going further afield in space starting on Oct. 29 at the California Science Center.

    Which happens to be located on a planet currently orbiting a large star in space, so, yes, you could accurately say you're traveling through space and time, from your home, to go see both film and exhibit.

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