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New: The Do-It-Yourself Flower Bar

Fleurish debuts (and puts the blooms in your hands).



    Your Perfect Day at the Ballgame
    Fleurish, a new design-it-yourself flower bar in Brentwood, puts the stems in your hands.

    If you've ever lingered by one of those ginormous hotel lobby flower sprays, you've likely found yourself aching to fix a drooping peony and re-adjust a dahlia by just a smidge. Likewise, you probably feel the same itch at a friend's house, while eyeing her dining room table bouquet.

    Both the hotel flower spray and your friend's flowers might be quite beautiful, but they're not your arrangement, something you yourself would creatively compose with your favorite blooms and the most meaningful blossoms and the greens that you feel carry the most complementary oomph.

    Enter the do-it-yourself flower bar. Actually, make that "design"-it-yourself: Fleurish, which debuted earlier this month in Brentwood, isn't merely about the tools of flower arranging -- vase, stems, water, buds -- but putting the art of it in the hands of people who've longed to get in touch with their inner-arranger.

    Blossom-minded head honcho Amy Marella of The Hidden Garden is behind the dewy-DIY concept.

    If you can envision other be-creative-yourself-in-a-shop spots -- you've painted a ceramic vase for your sister, before, yes? -- then you have a general sense of what Fleurish is: You can "(c)hoose from 9 unique seasonal arrangements" which include "vessel, flowers, and specialty trimmings," plus a private station and "professional floral arranging tools."

    But Fleurish goes further on the DIY front: An iPad tutorial guides you along as you place your roses and lilies. You can arrange in a social situation, too, and get the encouraging feedback of friends as you go: Classes, parties, and events are also offered.

    DIYing in public -- that is, projects outside of our private home projects -- was due for a renaissance, given the rise and rise of tablet technology that can advise us on our next step. If that step involves arranging the perfect Gerber daisies, well, even better.

    This new outlet doesn't mean we won't fuss over a relative's saggy Thanksgiving bouquet while they're in the kitchen. Or, if we're too tempted and do fuss, and then get caught, we can simply explain we've been improving our flower prowess, DIY-style.

    Maybe they'll even join us for a class. 

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