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New at LAX: The Original Farmers Market

The Third & Fairfax landmark is now serving up charm, fruit to passing-through people.



    New at LAX: The Original Farmers Market
    Original Farmers Market
    An outpost of the Original Farmers Market at Third & Fairfax debuted at Terminal 5 at LAX on Thursday, June 12.

    It's not unusual to see tourists wandering the booth-lined al fresco pathways of the Original Farmers Market at Third & Fairfax.

    It's not even all that strange to see tourists pulling the occasional suitcase, should they be making one last postcard or fruit run before heading for the airport. What is a bit odd, though? Seeing pilots wandering by the coffee-and-donut stalls, and people wearing neck pillows, and patrons carrying plane tickets in their pockets.

    Get ready for that on-the-move market-y scene inside LAX's Terminal 5. The much-anticipated Farmers Market outpost debuted on Thursday, June 12, bringing a bit of the mid-city to travelers who might be on their way through Los Angeles, and not into.

    It's rather genius, actually; if people don't have time to leave the airport to explore the quintessential attractions of Los Angeles, bring the quintessential attraction to the people.

    For sure, you'll see those iconic standee green baskets in the airport Farmers Market, and a caboodle of Market favorites, like Loteria and Monsieur Marcel. And if you're wondering if all of those Monsieur Marcel jams and olives are for sale, wonder no more: You now have a quick gift for mom, one that boasts both local charm and the ability to fit nicely into a carry-on.

    The opening is being described as Farmers Market's "second location" which says a lot: There's only ever been a single location for the landmark, a landmark that's sat at the northeast corner of Third Street and Fairfax Avenue since 1934.

    The airport homage to one of our region's best hangout spots should, fingers crossed, only further spread its quaint-o-sity to passengers pushing through LA.

    Now where can they put a mini Hollywood Bowl at LAX? Planners, some short concerts before flights might be nice. Hint hint.

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