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Newport Beach: Water Taxis' Possible Next Stop

Is a new form of aqua-based transport headed for the harbor?



    Newport Beach: Water Taxis' Possible Next Stop
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    Will Newport Beach harbor be the home to water taxis? The matter is under consideration.

    People hailing a taxi, at least per pop culture, are often wearing a soggy raincoat and carrying a newspaper under one arm while looking frazzled, an attitude that grows when their taxi is snatched by a faster fare.

    That's probably not the scenario that will play out should water taxis pull into the harbor at Newport Beach, which they soon might. Sundress-sporting locals and tourists, fresh off the area's famed Ferris wheel or a round of ice cream cones, will be the more likely riders of the fun-point-to-fun-point watertop ride.

    The city council is voting on the matter on Feb. 25, says the LA Times, determining whether the Harbor Commission should takes steps to consider the impact of water taxis on the busy destination.

    Are you suddenly picturing the Balboa Island Ferry? The possible water taxi service would be a different animal than the venerable transport, which will mark its centennial in just five years. The ferry crosses between the Balboas -- Island and Peninsula -- while water taxis would hit other spots along the shore.

    Mayor Rush Hill spoke about the water taxi question, and whether it could happen, at the city's annual Mayor Dinner earlier this month; past attempts to start up a service were also touched upon by the mayor, reports The Log.

    Summertime is often the big season for other cities that boast a water taxi fleet, something that's not so novel in other parts of the world (and in Long Beach, where the AquaLink revs up come the warmer months).

    Where would you go via taxi around the harbor? Would it be a hit with out-of-towners look for a boatly experience without a bigger commitment? Questions to come as Newport Beach considers its Pacific-based transport and all of the attending issues.

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