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NoHo Weekend: The All-Sports Film Festival

Do you really only prefer flicks about athletics? You're in luck.



    NoHo Weekend: The All-Sports Film Festival
    We've Got Balls
    All sports movies all the time? You bet. The Sports Film Festival crosses the finish line at the El Portal Theater in NoHo from Friday, Nov. 8 through Monday, Nov. 11. (Pictured: "We've Got Balls.")

    Movie tropes can be so darn trope-y sometimes, but sports movie tropes are among the most beloved of all tropes in existence.

    Even if you know the underdog team is eventually going to sink the final shot on the buzzer and score the surprise win, you're still fully engrossed, engaged, and rooting -- rooting! -- for the on-screen characters.

    But athletic-minded movies do that. They actually inspire you to root, complete with an occasional fist pump, not from a bleacher, but a comfy theater seat.

    Meaning that a full film festival devoted to sporty cinema is an idea that has seen its time come. Well, it actually came a half decade ago, when the All Sports Film Festival first launched.

    Or maybe not "launched" but leapt, climbed, tossed, and volleyed. And the fest'll be doing that again, from Friday, Nov. 8 through Monday, Nov. 11 at the El Portal Theatre in North Hollywood.

    The fest turns the spotlight -- or, er, field lights, rather -- on documentaries and inspiring stories from around the planet. "Running for Jim" pays tribute to a coach facing ALS and "The Roger Brown Story" follows Mr. Brown's amazing ascension to the NBA.

    There shall be fictional works, too, including the funny, bowling-themed "We've Got Balls." And will there be honorees? Or, there will be: Bruce Jenner, Tai Babilonia, and Randy Gardner will receive the decathonly, ice-skating-ish accolades during the weekend.

    Fifty four films covering the competitive spirit and personal best gamut will screen. The major sports'll be repped, yes, but so shall quirkier pursuits. Extreme skiing buffs and Ping Pong enthusiasts will find flicks in the mix, too.

    Block tickets start at ten bucks, but you can buy weekend passes for $75. Got your rooting face on? Because nothing stirs up that rooting spirit in a cinema like an athlete with a dream, an obstacle, and a mega dose of gumption.