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Nominations Now: Hero Dog Awards

Is there a pup that's inspired you? Have your say.



    Nominations Now: Hero Dog Awards
    American Humane
    You still have a chance to nominate a great pup for the American Humane Hero Dog Awards. Lend an inspiring Lassie or a Laddie some love through April 30.

    Somewhere, right now, regardless of the time of day you're reading this, a conference room is packed with people discussing how to make something viral on the Internet. Charts are displayed via overhead projectors and numbers are on whiteboards and the discussion is highly animated.

    Our take? No big meetings are required on the viral front. Here's what you need. One? A dog. Two? A good deed.

    Is everyone in agreement that that is, short of a cat playing a piano, just about the most shareable thing online? Because we all love it (yep, we said "all" and meant that sweeping generalization.) We all admire pups who go beyond. And we all likely want a say in the American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards.

    You still have a chance to have that say: Nominations are on through Tuesday, April 30.

    What constitutes a Hero Dog? A glance back at recent nominees tells the heartwarming tale. Canine Companions for Independence made the cut, as did a Swiss mountain dog who paid nursing home visits. And Harley the hearing dog is incredibly sweet.

    If you need more inspiration, here's a feelings-tugger of a video. Surely you know a hound that needs some viral love? A Hero Dog nomination, and a win, too, are great ways to bring attention to the pups who deserve it most.

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