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Not Snooty: LA Opera Newcomer Party

Want to dip a toe into the upcoming season? Here's your chance.



    Not Snooty: LA Opera Newcomer Party
    LA Opera
    LA Opera throws a free party for newcomers. Tunes -- think contemporary meets opera -- plus a photo booth -- of course! -- round out the Thursday, Aug. 29 soiree.

    Art will forever be presented by certain sectors of popular culture as deeply snooty. Picture a highbrow couple standing before a painting, wine in hand, discussing theme, or the confused first-timer as he attempts to make sense of a lofty opera.

    It's an easy laugh that doesn't hold much water, though.

    Why? Well, take opera. It's not humdrum, inaccessible, or hard-to-get. Operas are rife with juicy double-dealings, heartache, plans gone awry, love affairs, sexy moments, tender moments, intrigue, and some of the most humungous collars and puffiest sleeves ever made on a sewing machine.

    Humdrum? Ha ha ha! (We said that opera villain-style, with our hands on our hips and a deep-throated laugh.)

    Need to see this side of opera? You're in luck: LA Opera is kindly inviting opera newcomers to their very own party on Thursday, Aug. 29. Is this you? Do you sense the awesomeness found within opera but you haven't yet made that tentative first step?

    Be at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion from 6 to 9 p.m. A DJ will mix contemporary sounds with opera arias -- yeah, that sounds sweet -- and there shall be a photo booth. Will there be props for the photo booth? Tiny opera glasses and long gloves? Even if not, you'll make it work.

    The Newcomer Series Kick-Off Party is free, free, free. But you'll need to RSVP.

    It's all to get the Newcomer Series going. What is that? The LA Opera is selling tickets to a trio of operas -- "Carmen," "The Magic Flute," and "Lucia di Lammermoor" -- for a starting price of $54. 

    Again, we have the urge to place our hands grandly on our hips, throw our head back, and let loose a deep-throated, opera-villain laugh. That's a bargain: Three LA Opera productions for fifty four bucks.

    Ha ha ha!

    Yep, opera isn't for snooty sorts who were let into the private fold long ago. It's for newcomers, now, who want to take a chance on stories filled with love, hijinks, some mad plot twists and cuh-razy fun tell-offs.

    You hear that, pop culture? Stop picking on opera and its supposed snoot factor. That joke is played out. Don't make us villain laugh you, because we will.

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