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OC Fair Food Reveal: Deep-Fried Starbucks

Is there chocolate involved? Yes. Sugar, coffee, whipped cream? Three more yeses.



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    OC Fair
    It's a ball of deep-fried Starbucks and it is set to be one of the culinary superstars of the 2016 Orange County Fair. The Costa Mesa party opens on July 17.

    Look, we don't know what you do with that cup of Starbucks once you leave the drive-thru or pickup counter. You might take it home and pour it over cereal or sip it alongside a bag of salty chips.

    But we'll wager you haven't, at this juncture in history, taken your Starbucks deep fried. That's all about to change, however, for devotees of deep-fried treats and loyalists of the Seattle-based hot beverage phenomenon when the Orange County Fair opens on July 17.

    Yep: deep-fried Starbucks is on the menu.

    Like other deep-fried beverages that have cameo'd, to great acclaim, at past county fairs around the country, the deep-fried Starbucks isn't a "cup" of hot deep-friedness, per se. You'll find a ball of Starbucky tastiness, "a fried ball of dough," and within that orb treasures await: ground-up coffee beans and chocolate, for two, and sugar and whipped cream on the outside.

    Hoo boy. Talk about intensity in fried dough form. Will the pep you gain lend oomph to your midway game prowess? That's between you and the colorful rings you have to throw at the glass milk bottles. 

    Bacon A-Fair is your spot for the au courant caffeinated sweet treat. As for other new fair goodies readying for their monthlong Costa Mesa run? Deep-fried pizza and deep-fried birthday cake at Apple Fries are two more sweet/savory choices.

    And look for chocolate-covered pork rinds at Bacon A-Fair as well as a totally deep-fried peanut butter pickle at Chicken Charlie's.

    We mean ... Just. Right? Exactly. You get our meaning here.

    There comes a point when words fail the fair goer and they must resort to outright pointing, which their mother told them never to do. Pointing at bright signs covered with peanut butter pickles and chocolate-covered pork rinds and deep-fried birthday cake. Pointing, agog, because the fair goer is a little stunned and very much intrigued.

    After all, unusual snackage is part and parcel of the summertime OC party. If you can't post your deep-fried Starbucks on your Instagram page and brag about it at work, then, really, have you truly dined at the fair?

    And how will you step up your next in-store cup of Starbucks after this? Better go for a triple pump of peppermint, or extra whipped cream, the better to wacky-up your tried-and-true coffee order.

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