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Old World Fest to Dote on Plums 'n Pups

Succulent sweets are the theme of the day, as are super-sweet Dachshunds (yep, they're racing).



    Old World Fest to Dote on Plums 'n Pups
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    Old World's summer-snacky Plum Fest will also feature Dachshund races, woof woof. Admission to the Aug. 25, 2019 party is free.

    What to Know

    • Sunday, Aug. 25, 2 to 6 p.m.

    • Old World in Huntington Beach

    • Free

    Your pup is most assuredly a plum.

    Nope, we don't mean that your Fido is an actual fruit, although she may be a bit fruity at times, in the sense that she is always effervescent and spirited and sweet.

    Rather, we're saying your pup is plum-like because "plum-like" signifies when something is especially wonderful, distinct, and easy to treasure.

    Thus combining the notion of canine cuteness and plum-based perfection feels as perfect as a free festival on a summer Sunday afternoon.

    Which is exactly what will happen on Aug. 25 in Old World in Huntington Beach.

    For sure, that's the very spot where one of Southern California's biggest Oktoberfests will soon break out the tubas and steins, but not before another classic of summertime has its say: Old World's annual Plum Festival.

    The purple-pretty, stones-in-the-middle favorites will rule the day's dishes, from plum crepes to plum cakes. It's a good thing, too, when you consider how often we Californians regularly salute the strawberry and cheer for the cherry and the other good-for-us goodies from the produce aisle.

    Doesn't the plum deserve its plum moment?

    Once you've had your fill of plum cake, head outside for the Old World Wiener Races, another staple of this festivity.

    But which plum of a pup will win? Please... they're all plums in the pooch department.

    Most of all? Be gladdened that summer's fruit-forward festivals continue, and that this one is free to attend.

    Showing with money for eats and drinks? Yep, you'll need it, but rooting for your favorite Dachshund on a plummy Sunday is as free as sunshine on an August afternoon.

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