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On Sale: Last Remaining Seats Tickets

The LA Conservancy's yearly movies-in-movie-places run is just ahead.



    On Sale: Last Remaining Seats Tickets
    Douglas Hill
    Tickets for the LA Conservancy's Last Remaining Seats went on sale to the general public on Wednesday, April 8.

    The fact remains that that there is no law in this country that says that one must twirl, hands in the air and shining face raised high, as one enters a glorious old movie palace.

    But, we mean, if you don't twirl like you're in some MGM musical circa 1952, then you really are denying the full experience of being in a glorious old movie palace, aren't you? Law or no law.

    You can get your twirl on, six times in succession, via the LA Conservancy's Last Remaining Seats series. The annual early-summertime cinefeast does one thing and does it with panache: Lines up six great movies, vintage and less-vintage, in several of Southern California's most stunning historic cinemas, all with the point of raising funds for the preservation advocacy organization.

    Tickets for the 2015 Last Remaining Seats series went on sale to the general public on Wednesday, April 8.

    On tap for this year? "Psycho" eee-eee-eees at the Million Dollar Theatre on June 10 (eee-eee-eee being a vague approximation of Bernard Hermann's iconic score for the Hitchcock masterwork). "Raiders of the Lost Ark" closes out the series on Saturday, June 27, at The Theatre at Ace Hotel.

    Wait, hold on. The Indiana Jones-fronted blockbuster actually da-da-da-daaaas at The Theatre at Ace Hotel (da-da-da-daaaa being a vague approximation of how the most famous bit of the film's John Williams-penned score sounds).

    Between these two gems? Charlie Chaplin's "City Lights," "Dios se lo pague" (God Bless You), "How to Marry a Millionaire, and "Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory" unspool to the delight and wonder of people who've seen these films a dozen times or never even once.

    Tickets? Oh, they go. They go faster than a filmstrip passes through a hot projector. "Nearly sold out" are the get-movin'-already watchwords for this series, believe it. Don't think the LA Conservancy says such stuff for the fun of it. They're out saving our civic architectural history and don't have the time nor will to toy with us in this manner.

    By the by, "Willy Wonka" is at The Orpheum. Talk about the perfect film-theater match-up.

    Whimsy, ahoy.

    We're just saying if you don't twirl when entering The Orpheum while on your way to watch the most famous film ever made about a mischievous candymaker, you should take a moment and ponder why.

    Movie palaces, movie magic and the thrill of enjoying both are instantly twirl-worthy. If you're not living in an MGM-style musical from time to time, your horizons may be due for a broadening.

    Last Remaining Seats is a fine place to jumpstart horizon-broadening and, by extension, the art of lobby-twirling.

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