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On the Savory Horizon: Pasadena Cheeseburger Week

Fete buns, dairy slices, and patties where the cheeseburger was born.



    On the Savory Horizon: Pasadena Cheeseburger Week
    It's all cheeseburger goodness all the time -- or much of it, anyway -- in Pasadena come mid-January.

    Whenever there's a lull in hamburger-related headlines, we kind of feel like getting in the car and heading out to the region's famous burger-tariums, just to check on them and see if they're okay.

    Because burgers, and, specifically cheeseburgers? They've proven to be the great modern meat frontier, as far as culinary experimentation goes. The whole bun-patty-dairy-bun deal of yore has gone right out the fast food drive-thru window, to make way for special sauces and fruits and duck eggs and other news-making combos.

    Wait. Should we add an exclamation point there, for good measure? Okay.

    And duck eggs!

    It's all very intriguing -- we're looking at you, Slater's 50/50 and your Sriracha Burger -- but let us pause to pay hamburgian homage to the city where the cheeseburger was born: Pasadena. The first grippable wonder of savory-gooey edible ecstasy made its bow at the Rite Spot in 1924, and the Crown City honors its memory each January by throwing Cheeseburger Week.

    There's a vote-on-it Cheeseburger Challenge -- of course -- and cheeseburger buffs can back their favorite bun-and-beef -- of course. Is there any food that's more competitive than burgers? Maybe pizza, right? But still. It's fierce, no matter which side of the patty you're coming from.

    Deals and specials may be afoot -- or abun, rather -- at participating restaurants from Sunday, Jan. 12 through Friday, Jan. 17.

    Nice. We also like that Pasadena is the scene for all of this humble-eatin' goodness. Yes, burgers can get fancy, but they are, at their grilled heart, easy and inexpensive. Meaning that even after Pasadena puts on the poshest parade in all the land each New Year's Day, it is looking to the following week and all of that cheeseburger yum.

    Let's celebrate any city that is both fancy-pants and no-fuss, all in the same month. Cheers, good ol' Pas.

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