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One-Dollar Lessons: Movie Dance Moves

Pick up the steps to "Footloose," "Slumdog Millionaire," and more shake-it flicks.



    One-Dollar Lessons: Movie Dance Moves
    The Music Center
    Pick up the cinematic steps seen in legendary dance films at the Music Center on Saturday, March 29. Lessons are a buck each.

    Movie aisles are known for a few things. Principally, of course, they allow us quick egress from a theater, with their wide ways and lit floor borders, and the same goes for entering without stumbling after the previews have begun.

    Do movie theater aisles also see a lot of smushed popcorn in a normal day? So much smushed popcorn, and the occasional flattened Raisinet, for good measure in candy-smushing fairness.

    But we'll put forth the not-too-controversial theory that theater aisles are made for dancing during the credits. If you've ever left a musical movie, you've probably shaken your hot stuff all the way to the lobby (where the brighter lights have a way of cutting off impromptu, up-the-aisle dancing, sadly enough).

    If you need to polish your aisle technique, and you dig an iconic movie dance sequence, the time has come to no longer free-style it but actually learn the real steps and arm movements. A Taste in Dance: Movie Moves sashays into the Music Center Plaza on Saturday, March 29, with teachers ready to show the back-two-forward-one techniques of famous films.

    Like? Well, "Footloose" and "Slumdog Millionaire," for two. Busby Berkeley, to go a little old Hollywood. "Singin' in the Rain'" and "Dirty Dancing" and "Pulp Fiction" are on the docket. And the Hall & Oates scene from "(500) Days of Summer," which filmed just up the street from the plaza in Grand Park.

    Cost per lesson? One buck. Please; you can't even buy a box of gummies at the theater for that, gummies you'll later heel-squish into the aisle carpet as you dance away.

    It's no big commitment either: Each lesson is just 20 minutes, so if you're not grooving to the steps, they'll wrap soon enough.

    Things start up at 10:30 a.m., meaning you could learn the steps from every film -- and there are more beyond those mentioned above -- and still go to the movies later in the day, with the goal of shimmying up the aisle in the credits, now with fresher dance steps under your belt.

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