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One Glendale Hangout, 600+ Games

GameHäus pretty much has every board game ever, or almost.



    One Glendale Hangout, 600+ Games
    GameHäus has brought board games -- many, many, many board games -- to Glendale's Brand Boulevard. You don't need to buy, you just need to eat, sip, and play.

    October may be the time when candy corn reigns, and June is the month for gloom. So where does that leave December?

    The final month rules the holly and the nog, yes, but we'd also call it, and all of winter, the official Board Game Season (TM). After all, we're indoors a bit more, the relatives are visiting, and we're less likely to squabble over Scrabble than a lot of prickly topics.

    Strike that. Squabbling over whether words are actually words is just about the best bit of playing.

    Thus the late-autumn entry of GameHäus Cafe onto the Southern California scene could not have been timed any better. But then so many games are about timing, and watching the clock, or plastic wind-up ticker, so this makes sense. It also makes sense that all pie-loving, game-adoring Angelenos'll be making their way over to Brand Boulevard in Glendale, to check out the 600-plus games that the cafe stocks its shelves with.

    Oh, did we mean to type that extra zero? Did we not mean "60-plus games"? We did not. There are hundreds of games at this cozy spot, from Pay Day to Dominion to Race for the Galaxy. Some are card games, some are strategy set-ups, and, yep, of course, Monopoly is in the house, as are the other tried-and-true dining room table favorites.

    And speaking of dining room table, there shall be snackage at GameHäus. Scones, sandwiches, and such fill the food side of the score, meaning you don't need to leave in the middle of a heated game of Risk.

    Wait, er, are there any *un*heated games of Risk, ever, in all of history? Probably not, right?

    Just careful with the crumbs sliding into the Scrabble tray. We've all been crumb-rude during an involved word war, for sure, given that the mind is on the game and not the grub.

    But that's something to love about this spot. It's open all year, not just during Board Game Season (TM), meaning you can exercise your mind, and take your friends down in the process, showing them who is the ultimate awesome winner, all in one GameHäus visit.

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