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One Night Only: Grand Central Open for Dinner

The daytime market keeps a later hour in honor of "Chinatown."



    One Night Only: Grand Central Open for Dinner
    Grand Central Market
    Grand Central Market'll be open through 8 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 12. It's happening in partnership with the Million Dollar Theatre, which is screening "Chinatown."

    Lovers of local landmarks keep a daytimer's worth of numbers and schedules and times in their head at all times.

    In short? You don't need to ask them to look up what hour XYZ opens, because they already know.

    And many, many an Angeleno knows that the large 'n airy public market that's been at 317 S. Broadway for nearly a century closes at 6 p.m., period, thank you, and good evening. Breakfast, yes, lunch, okay, but dinner? 

    Nope and no how.

    That's set to change, for one night, when Grand Central Market stays open for the evening mealtime from 6 to 8 p.m. Date? Thursday, Dec. 12. The reason? "Chinatown" is set to screen at the Million Dollar Theatre. And, as every downtown devotee knows, Grand Central and the Grauman-historic venue couldn't be more cheek-by-jowl-y if they actually occupied the same space.

    Tickets are still around for the seminal LA flick, which details the era of William Mulholland, backroom dealings, and water rights, with a devilish dose of John Huston-type villainry thrown in. It's the 40th anniversary of the film, by the by, and the night's screening? It's in honor of the Los Angeles Aqueduct's centennial.

    Yeah, that's pretty right on the money. (We'd say "on the nose" there, but that particular "Chinatown" reference might be a little, well, on the nose.)

    And interestingly? Mulholland's real offices were located in the building that houses the Million Dollar Theatre, if you want to get extremely meta. Which you probably do.

    And to further the tie-in, consider that the built-in-1917 Grand Central Market is the ideal place to chow down before a period LA flick.

    Wear your fedora -- but take it off once the movie starts, natch -- and don't forget to eat dinner at Grand Central beforehand, since dinner there never happens. Sticky Rice, Central Texas BBQ, and more supping spots await.

    It's not Chinatown, Jake, but it is, indeed, only a few blocks away, give or take.

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