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Online Feline: Grumpy Cat in SoCal

The scowly-sweet winner of the internet launches her new book tour in Santa Monica.



    Online Feline: Grumpy Cat in SoCal
    Grumpy Cat
    Grumpy Cat kicks off her book tour at Kitson Santa Monica on Monday, Aug. 4.

    Centuries from now, when future sociologists look to the early days of the internet, and how photos were shared and how they were altered and the ways that popular memes and jokes developed, all of their graphs and pie charts and Venn Diagrams will lead back to a single source: Grumpy Cat.

    Has the land of online fancies ever seen a celebrity like this sourpuss? Science will show it has not. The famous feline, who first came to the world's rapt attention in the fall of 2012 via a photograph posted to Reddit, has out-meme'd other memes and out-catted all other internet cats, which is saying something.

    You've totally heard that Grumppucino is this whole deal, right? Grumppuccino. That's a thing in the world.

    Now Tardar Sauce -- Grumpy Cat's actual name -- has a new book out called "The Grumpy Guide to Life -- Observations by Grumpy Cat." And, as a Person of Note does when dropping a new project, Grumpy Cat is going on the road.

    Did we say "Person of Note"? Okay, substitute "Cat" for "Person," all you wiseacres out there ready to call us on that.

    Stop one for Ms. Cat -- or Ms. Sauce, if you prefer -- is Southern California. The date? Monday, Aug. 4. The place? Kitson in Santa Monica. The time? The not-too-grumpy hour of 6 p.m.

    Yes, she'll be there, in the fur. Yes, she'll be scowly. Her nickname is Grumpy Cat, after all.

    But what's beneath the seen-everywhere-all-the-time-online scowl? Is this wee animal truly so judgmental, demanding, difficult? Of course not. Word has it that she's a doll, a love, and a sweetheart.

    Should we have spilled those beans? Will this rumple Grumpy Cat and her pretty adorable brand? Well, anything to up-grump-ifty the internet's grumpiest icon can't be a bad move, right?

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