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Outfest: 155 Films, 11 Days, and Countless Stories

LGBT movies from around the world take centerstage; so do parties, talks, and more.



    Outfest: 155 Films, 11 Days, and Countless Stories
    "C.O.G." is the opening night film of the 2013 Outfest. The festival opens on Thursday, July 11 and will take place at various Hollywood and downtown venues through Sunday, July 21.

    The big June pride festivals of California -- one in West Hollywood, one in San Francisco -- have gained acclaim for supporting and furthering the LGBT messages of diversity, community, friendship, and love.

    But Outfest, which arrives about a month after the WeHo shindig, is another star in that sky. Nope, there's no parade or colorful outdoor happenings on the large scale; rather, multitudes of film lovers head indoors to watch movies celebrating the full spectrum of what being gay means, from the first time a young person opens up to a parent to marriage to children to aging to a host of other important and meaningful life events.

    "Celebrating" is one word that applies to the July 11-21 film festival, which takes place at several Hollywood and downtown venues, but not all of the 155 films -- films that hail from  28 countries -- set to screen are celebrations in the mirthful sense. Many explore more painful issues or take a sardonic look at family, friends, jobs, and daily life. But 155 films are bound to fill the full range of emotions and outlooks.

    "C.O.G." which is based on a David Sedaris short story, opens Outfest on Thursday, July 11. "G.B.F." closes is on July 21 (yep, the titles of fest's book-ending films should be easy to remember). Dozens of daily films fill the grid between the two.

    And the social experience of the fest will play out at several pre- and post-screening receptions as well as some club-based parties and a brunch.

    Tickets? Most screenings run around $13, though the galas and special events are more.

    Happy 31 years, Outfest!

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