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Over 60 Taiko Drummers Play Together at the Ford

Percussionist Amir Sofi is also headlining the exuberant evening.



    Over 60 Taiko Drummers Play Together at the Ford
    Marc Amba
    Over 60 Taiko drummers will play together at the Ford Theatre on Saturday, June 29.

    A large-scale outdoor festival typically has several components that attract the attendees' attention and time in various ways. But all of the components take a back seat when the taiko drums are rolled out and the first note sounds.

    Taiko is truly one of the rather marvelous and not-so-mysterious ways to draw several people from all directions close. They want to be near the drums, feel the beat inside their chests, and experience the centuries-old beauty of the sonorous sound.

    So multiply one taiko drum by several dozen and put them all in the acoustically awesome Ford Theatre. Can you feel your chest moving to that percussive thum-thum-thum now, just at the thought? Yep, we can, but the thought becomes reality on Saturday, June 29 when a number of taiko groups visit the theater, along with drummer Amir Sofi, to form Rhythmic Relations 2013.

    Some 60 taiko drummers will take to the stage, including musicians from Kitsune Taiko, Bombu Taiko, Loma Pacific Taiko, and Tanuki Taiko. Also, "some of the biggest drums ever seen in the U.S." will be part of the concert.

    And the second half of the show? Mr. Sofi will play the Arabic tabla and tambourine with taiko accompaniment. It's sure to be lovely, and it isn't often enough that percussion hailing from various parts of the globe meet to create a single and spectacular sound.

    Tickets are $25 and $30. Seriously, can you pre-feel the thum-thum-thum now? Few instruments draw people like taiko and few instruments cast their personalities beyond the moment they play. It isn't always easy to imagine an instrument that isn't playing, but taiko, those grand icons of percussion, are the big exception.

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