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Oysters Shall Be Slurped, for a Good Cause, in Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach Police Department, Fire Department, marine safety officials, and local lifeguards will quickly eat a bevy of briny bites to raise money for charity.



    Oysters Shall Be Slurped, for a Good Cause, in Huntington Beach
    Ways & Means Oyster House
    Huntington Beach Police, Fire, marine safety, and lifeguards will spend 60 slurpy seconds eating a lot of oysters, all to raise money for good causes, on Saturday morning, Jan. 26.

    What to Know

    • Saturday, Jan. 26

    • Ways & Means Oyster House

    • 10 a.m.

    There are time-honored rituals surrounding so many different foodstuffs, from the types of sauces or seasonings used, to how a spoon or fork is wielded, to the sides that should accompany the star of the dish.

    Oysters are one of those fabled foods, and whether you slurp or chew or go with lemon or skip the lemon but not the hot sauce is definitely a YMMV situation.

    But as for the "your mileage might vary" outlook on Saturday, Jan. 26 at Ways & Means Oyster House in Huntington Beach?

    There isn't much varying in the singular focus shared by those people competing in the Shuck It Oyster-Eating Challenge, a good-of-heart money-raising competition.

    Competitors'll be slurping for charity, and they'll be doing so by slurping as many briny, big-flavor'd oysters as they can in, wait for it, 60 seconds.

    Though, when you've only got 60 seconds to get something done, perhaps "wait" is the wrong word.

    The Huntington Beach Police Department, the Huntington Beach Fire Department, officials from the marine safety sector, and lifeguards will all compete, starting at 10 a.m., all to help the charity of their choice (each team has a specific organization they'll be supporting).

    Three bucks, from every oyster quickly slurped, will go to the charity chosen by the victorious team.

    It's an annual happening at Ways & Means now, one that marks its first half decade next year, and cheering on the do-gooders is now tradition for even non-competitors visiting the restaurant.

    As is, of course, hanging out and staying for your own plate of oysters on a relaxing, Huntington Beachy kind of Saturday. Even better than that, though? A buck from "every brunch dish sold" between 10 and 11 a.m. will also "be donated to the winning charity."

    Nice. Also nice? That there's the details you need, right here, right now.

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